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2Africa submarine cable in southern Nigeria to boost internet access



MainOne expects a significant increase in broadband connectivity in southern Nigeria following the landing of its 2Africa submarine cable in Akwa Ibom State.

2Africa fibre optic cable is the first and only submarine cable system in Nigeria outside of Lagos and will contribute to enhancing broadband connectivity and driving economic development in the South-South, South-East and North-Central regions of Nigeria.

According to MainOne which is a subsidiary of Equinix Company, the 2Africa cable which spans 45,000km in length will be one of the world’s largest subsea cable projects and will interconnect Europe, Asia, and Africa, with a design capacity of up to 180Tbps.

“With a commitment to consistently deploy financial capital and project resources towards infrastructure investments, MainOne is dedicated to improving internet capacity and driving various aspects of development, including economic growth, digital transformation, healthcare, security, agriculture, and increased state revenue in South-South Nigeria,” said Abayomi Adebanjo, MainOne Regional Business Head.

The West African data center and connectivity solutions provider says 2Africa marine cable has the capacity to address critical internet needs and enhance reliability across vast expanses of Africa.

The cable also serves as a catalyst for the advancement of 4G, 5G and fixed broadband accessibility, extending its impact to billions of people.

“Akwa Ibom’s selection as a landing site underscores its strategic importance in Nigeria’s digital transformation journey. By offering cable diversity and resiliency, 2Africa contributes significantly to the country’s digital infrastructure resilience and MainOne’s role as the landing partner solidifies this endeavour,” the firm stated.

MainOne will facilitate the establishment of a terrestrial metro fiber network in Akwa Ibom State and the entire South-South Nigeria, seamlessly connecting enterprises and people in the region to the submarine cable system.

The terrestrial metro fibre network is further tipped to help address internet distribution constraints across the Southern and North-Central region of Nigeria, bridging the gap in unserved and underserved areas.

By hosting the submarine cable system landing and the fiber cable interconnection, Akwa Ibom State, the South-South Region and Nigeria will unlock numerous economic and social benefits, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation, and improved public service delivery.