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What is Box of Tools?

Box of tools (BOT) is an international digital magazine. Like the name suggests, Box of tools is a mega website consisting of a blog, an online art shop and a video repository. 

The Blog

The blog includes articles written by authors from all over Africa to educate, inform and enlighten you on living better, our slogan. The BOT team has assembles creative, professional and free thinking writers to make sure the reader finds the content they need, from articles about living healthy, living happy, living entertained to basically anything that will help our readers live their life better. 

Our video blogs are a visual way to express our message, BOT contains a wide range of videos on living better and about people who have either ‘live better’ or whose lives teach us a lesson to live better.

The Shop

The shop is an online market for art, the art we sell the intellectual property of some of the most creative artists in Africa. The BOT helps promoting artists’ work by providing a platform for their work to be seen by our wide range of visitors and help them sell the art to our esteemed visitors. 

Any type of art can be sold on the BOT by only the selected artists and any artist is free to apply to start selling their art on the BOT. The BOT benefits from arts sales through commissions on items sold.