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Why is this happening to me? Why does it always work for others but not for me? These are some of the questions hundreds of people ask themselves each and every day. At times we feel like we have life all figured out but when things don’t happen the way we wanted to, we overthink, get stressed and feel unhappy. So many people are crying while locked up in their rooms but once the sun is up to its like everything is working out for them. Mental health has been a problem globally, the sad part is not many people are willing to open up and talk about issues that are disturbing them instead, people prefer to keep to themselves and endure tough times on their own.

Things that rob us of our mental strength include self-pity, which keeps us from finding solutions.  Instead, we end up magnifying our misfortunes. This way of thinking keeps you stuck and it never gets any better. Second, unhealthy believes about other people, causing us to overwork our minds trying to level up with the people around us. Third, unhealthy believes about the world. We tend to assume that life owes us. we want to always get rewarded for our best but the world does not always reciprocate our good deeds.  The world is what you make it. We should learn to accept things we cannot change and only work to alter what we have the power to change. This is a great weapon to ensuring we are not overwhelmed by whatever results come our way.

Some of our habits cause our psychological state to deteriorate. When things don’t seem to be working we keep to ourselves in a state of thinking, scrolling through our phones trying to look for motivating quotes as a factor to feel better. Such mental habits are unhealthy, every person should believe in themselves and their capabilities without having to compare themselves with others and expecting less from the world. Being physically active and eating the right kind of meals has also been proved to improve mental health. It only takes one or two good habits to actually improve our mental health status.

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