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Art of Gifting

Each moment a clock ticks away, a change in gifting lifestyle automatically knocks the door.



Art of Giftnig - Box of tools

Each moment a clock ticks away, a change in gifting lifestyle automatically knocks the door.

Keeping up with the change requires hard work and know-how of the latest trends in the world. The circle and class of friends that one keeps are the determinants of the kind of gifting to be done. No man is an island and each requires appreciation by the close people who one has. Gifts are the best way to keep loved ones closer.

Birthday parties have become a trend in the society today. When one has a birthday party, friends are expected to attend and contribute towards the event. The standards could be too high in that some people find it hard to keep up as well as others work hard to meet the objectives. The kind of gifts to offer to the person varies as well and none want to be the one who offered the cheapest since it’s all about impression forgetting that one cannot offer what he or she doesn’t have.

Bridal and baby showers are another calling for rewards in the society today. Parties are held in luxurious hotels too, and dress code may be designed for the invited guests. As a guest you are expected to bring goodies which are worth the class of the invited people and of course arrive to the event in flashy cars. For one who is unable to meet all this is considered unfit in the group and hence in case he or she has such an event friends will either appear less or with very few goodies as normal.

Travelling with friends is another issue in the society today in which many people are venturing in to. Lots of savings and hard work are required to meet the target. Travelling comes with a purpose which calls for one to gift himself or herself with new items in the destination for memories to be made. Clothes have to be bought according to the suitability of the destined place of interest which of course should go with the theme as discussed and agreed by the members of the group.

My take for this is positive as it is a motivating factor for people to work hard and chose the kind of friends that one should roll with. However, people should not allow intimidation to hinder goal achievement and shutter dreams and ambitions. Time should always take control as no success is random rather it’s a process that is progressive .