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Drugs and Finances



Drugs are known to trigger how your body functions normally. Globally, people from all walks of life use drugs for different purposes. Some of the reasons being for medicinal purposes while others are mainly on the idea of having fun. Drugs could either be used illegally or under legal prescription meaning that not all forms of drug use affect people negatively. However, for the longest time drugs have been misused which is estimated to kill approximately 200,000 people each year. This happens after people misusing drugs engage in the act frequently to a point where they are addicted and cannot function without the substances.

Unfortunately, many young people have had issues coping up with the drug abuse matter for it not only affects one’s physical health but also their financial status. A lot of families have been broken after either of the family members indulged in drug misuse, to a point of using all their savings to quench their thirst. An addicted person would be willing to sell out their fortune or even get their hands dirty just to afford substances that make them feel good which is the main reason why abuse of drugs has been a leading cause of poor financial status among substance users.

I personally feel drugs are generally a factor that has stopped a lot of people from doing well in their workplaces and schools. Minds under the influence of drugs are less likely to function appropriately and be productive which gets us back to the idea of financial instability. Basically if one doesn’t do good in school. Lives irresponsibly and fails to be responsible at their places of work, getting some extra coins becomes extremely hard. I feel like drug abuse is a leading cause of poor economy and growth in the financial field.

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