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Epson boosts digital learning in schools with Ksh 4.9M equipment



Epson has extended Ksh 4.9 million worth of equipment that will enhance learning in 80 schools in Kenya through the use of technology.

The global technology company says the donation which includes printers, projectors and visualizers is part of an initiative by to give over 800 Eco Tank printers and hundreds of bundles of interactive classroom kits to schools and hospitals across eight countries in the Middle East and Africa region [MEA].

“This initiative and the role technology play in making educational materials more accessible to all, have an enormous impact. Epson is dedicated to nurturing future talent and ensuring that quality education reaches children, regardless of their geographical or socio-economic background,” said Mukesh Bector, Epson Regional Head for East and West Africa

“The EcoTank printers, in addition to being energy-efficient, the EcoTanks come with enough ink to last up to three years. This not only makes them a long-lasting, sustainable solution for schools,” he added.

The initiative was lauded by Education Director General Elyas Abdi who stated that the donations will go a long way in enhancing digital learning in Kenya as well as sufficiently equip learners with digital skill needed in the future.

“We have fully taken up the idea of integrating ICT into education. We believe that the use of ICT can enhance learning. We have an ICT in Education Policy and its implementation mechanism that has been put in place. We have also come up with modalities to work with private partners to provide hardware to learners and embarked on a campaign to connect our schools which is a priority,” said Dr Abdi.

Epson has also partnered with Liquid Intelligent Technologies that will provide internet connectivity to selected schools under the programme to enhance educational opportunities through technology.

“Through this collaboration, the schools are benefiting from the connectivity provided by Liquid, and the additional ICT tools such as printers, projectors and visualisers, are enhancing the impact of the near infinite access to information and resources that being connected delivers. Our last mile distribution of internet, connecting communities of ICT teachers, will complement our partnership with Epson in the last mile distribution and support of printers” added Ben Roberts, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer.

Epson says it has transitioned its technology from laser to inkjet technology, thereby reducing energy and ink costs for users. Laser technology requires heat to fuse toner to a page whereas inkjet is a cold technology, needing less energy to operate.

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