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Even Pontius pilate washed his hands.



The year started just fine, some made resolutions, this was supposed to be my year and I could tell by how my first few days into January were awesome then came the locusts, then world war 3 tension, political rallies, mysterious deaths and now we are sending a Mayday  !we are looking at something we don’t have control over. Honestly speaking we fear lions and guns but this! As I cruise through this busy Jogoo road in this crowded matatu, I’m praying to God no one sneezes, Every human being is a ticking time bomb and just like we see in movies, there is hysteria everywhere, no one wants to die, man eat man society you’d have seen how these two seemingly civilized women were fighting over a 4-pack roll of tissue. So is this the end, or is it the end of the beginning?

Schools are closing and yeah, obviously high-scholars are overly excited, I picture the tintinnabulation of the bell in the middle of the preps, the teacher on duty comes holding a Bunsen burner pipe, tells them to go for assembly. They said education was the key, and it gets me thinking how we got here at the first place, a young biology enthusiast gets an A in biology, they get into the best university of their land, then after years of doing brilliant research, a billionaire approaches them and asks ‘do you want to be part of something greater than yourself?’ Then here comes the big question, who is anyone to play God?

Where do we go from here? I hope the government has a plan and no there is no need for panic they said, but where will the common mwananchi (civilian) who has no access to resources like sanitizers, private transport do? I hear cries from our mothers and fathers, all we can do is pray, hoping that this is not the end times, the year 2020 will go down the books. As I walk this silent journey, I’m thinking, about how promising and yet frustrating life could be, and so I decided to talk to God. Yes, the world we are living at right now is so full of atrocities at some point I thought this was a time when God would send Noah and the boat, and trust me no one wants that!

Hopefully, this will end, I believe that there are still good people out there, times have changed, and so have we. We are living in the age of dynasty, and in case anyone hasn’t noticed we are at war and should the sky be filled with fire and smoke, shall we just sit and watch the flames burn all our hopes and dreams we need to seek desolation upon the skies, and when all this ends I hope that you remember me, So God as I write this petition, keep watching over our sons and daughters, and as we part, together we’ll raise a glass of wine for the last time and when we meet again we shall give thanks. Do not give up, let’s not be ignorant it’s like pregnancy and we know the baby is coming and we feel kicks already, they might be triplets or quadruplets and all we can do is pray for the best and brace for the worst, do you have your gear on ? because when the going gets tough then the tough gets going! we shall conquer. Aluta continua.

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