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The amount struggle associated with pregnancy is just something men will never fully understand and any rational man wouldn’t even dare try understanding it, just flow with it.



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Funny how guys spend their youthful ages using contraception, Implanon, and whatever plan you’re on only to realize years later they had been shooting blanks all along.  However, the few soldiers who decide to test the waters find deep sea divers of sperms.

One of the hardest questions today’s generation(generation y) is faced with is whether to keep it or turn a blind eye. While most are forced by unavoidable circumstances to pick the latter, there is some unleveled respect accorded to the few who go with the former. I kid you not; a couple of friends of mine discovered they were going to have a baby, so they sat to discuss what to do. It’s no easy decision for anyone to make so they decided to wait for a sign from above. They decided to blow off some steam watching a movie(big action fans) and as soon as John from the movie SIX told his seal team, Six team, to abort the mission on RIPs rescue, they were like, ‘’Guess it’s been spoken” (remember how I said I kid you not? Scratch that!! All that)

The amount struggle associated with pregnancy is just something men will never fully understand and any rational man wouldn’t even dare try understanding it, just flow with it. It is often said that ladies end up loving their babies over the fathers of the kids since the guys just remember the act that led to the miracle, never understanding what I may call ‘behind the scenes’.

Funny guys have it worst. Your jokes are suddenly no longer funny. In fact, most likely your spouse’s greatest source of irritation. I can only try picture it from the ladies perspective looking at our seemingly primitive beings laughing our asses off while our tummies are flat and leg flexible, all in good faith (laughing emojis). A common mistake we all do is try to insist on the joke. Let me put this in a way guys will understand better, you see the times you’re doing the shopping and you’re carrying super heavy stuff and your girlfriend is there fussing about the one handbag she brought along on her own, see that look, now that’s you to your pregnant spouse.

A pregnant lady can wake up in the middle of the night crying for no reason and not even know why it is she is crying. That is very tricky for us guys, I mean do you try help her figure out what she’s crying about or do you just comfort her all will be fine without knowing what will be fine. What if she’s crying because the seas are blue and that’s not her favorite color :purple, what on earth do you do other than go back to sleep only to wake up to an empty bed and a telegram size note telling you how much of a schmuck you are and that she’s gone to her Mom, all in one five words.

Crazy cravings are my everyday fancy about pregnancy. I swear the day my wife will wake me up in the middle of the night with a craving for ostrich wing drums, or call me at work with a sudden craving for the smell of jet fuel, imma call it a day right there.

On a serious note though, pregnant ladies are at the top of my list of priorities and favors. It’s a human reflex to give respect to pregnant ladies, some more than others. Guys are sometimes unable to offer the emotional support demanded or understanding. If on a normal day your understanding is usually at a 9, push it to a 98 for any pregnant lady.

You may realize I have not spoken much about the experience of a pregnant woman, for as I said, I am a guy and I do not understand half the things pregnant women go through and shall not pretend to, all the humor in the article is all evidence that all the bads in the pregnancy period are all righted by the miracle of life, manifestation of love and stupid efforts of loving fathers to be.

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