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How to reach Your Creativity limits



In the past one two years (2017, 18, 19) Kenya has seen the creative industry, entertainment industry to be precise take a huge leap in matters of creativity, streaming numbers, quality events and best of all appreciation from the general public.

The creative industry is however not entirely about music it entails an endless list of ….‘creactivities’ (for lack of a better word). It’s the creative industry and well, like we all know creativity is limitless from comedy, to poetry, film making, photography, art, cloth designing, music making, podcasting, cooking..etc These are just like 0.0000..5% off the cake. The icing to it is you can narrow down, twist your creativity however you want, there’s no rules to it, there’s no defined way to do it, you do it how you want it. There are a million ways to give life to creativity, also a million ways to die.

  The creative process is a form of therapy in itself, it’s like a world where your brain blocks your pains, hustles, stress and for as long as your mind is indulged you don’t think about anything else, it’s just you, time and whatever the f you doing. You get to explore, dig into your own head, discover yourself and like I said it’s endless so you’ll be constantly discovering yourself over and over, over time.

You’ll start to wonder why you hadn’t started earlier but it’s never too late to start.  Every second you put into creating is a moment of growth and whatever you make is art. See, the greatest thing about art is there’s nothing like mistake or fault, mistakes just open up more mini-ways to do it, take a chef, for example, say he/she happens to put an ingredient ‘by mistake’ that wasn’t in the recipe, to someone else the food is spoiled, but to an artist that’s just a new recipe. 

If you’re interested in art pieces auctions and sales you’ll agree with me that the most expensive art pieces are usually the most flawed and imperfect. The beauty of art is hidden in the flaws, mistakes. Your way however you do it is unique and you don’t have to ‘be like’.

   The whole point to this thing is that there is a place for everyone to get creative, get your mind off things by trying something new, be your own therapist and discover yourself more. Make imperfect art If possible, share it with the next person your friend, family member whoever, better yet share it on social media.The good thing about sharing is you never know who is into what you do.

Now is the best time to be creative in Kenya because our industry is dusting itself after hitting rock bottom and there is only one way to go.. UP. Rise with it.

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