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Mindfulness - Box of tools

As human beings, there comes a point in time where we feel as if everything is just too much to handle. Subconsciously, the brain knows that we need a break but as humans, we tend to let anxiety overwhelm us such that we cannot take a step back and just breathe. We fail to understand that being aware of our feelings can help us cope; that mindfulness helps us deal with everyday pressures.

Mindfulness is more of a state of mind that it is a trait. It is the ability to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions in the present moment without being judgmental both to yourself and the people you relate with. Nobody is born perfect with this ability. As children it was ingrained to us through various learning process yet that was never enough. As adults, we embark the path of self-discovery and as much as introverts are more aware of the present than extroverts, it takes a lot of practice to incorporate mindfulness into daily life. The non-judgmental part of mindfulness is what distinguishes it from meditation and it is what has made this ability popular in the world of today as many have realized the importance of achieving this state.

According to various psychological and clinical studies, it is possible to train our minds to be focused on the present moment. To achieve mindfulness is not as complicated. The ideas and concepts are familiar to those who practice meditation. It just needs one to be in the moment; feel every breath you take, feel the steps as you walk, listen to the rustle of trees and the chirping of birds and watch the leaves fall. One can start by using the aforementioned ways, before delving into the world of deep meditation. When one has achieved a state of awareness, one can accept things as they are; whether good or bad. One will also be able to detach from negative thoughts such as anger and self-judgment. With mindfulness, you will be kinder and more patient with yourself. You will hardly feel overwhelmed with life and the positive mindset that comes with it will enable you to appreciate others and thus relate well with others. You will view the world through new and wider perspectives and be a happier and better person. Your health life will improve because of reduced stress levels.

The journey to mindfulness is rejuvenating and the calmness that resonates with it is what we all need in this noisy planet. There is much going on in the world and being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions is what you might just need to live a better life. This path to clarity requires focus and the intent to remain so. The good thing is that it can be practiced anywhere. My hope is that everyone who is on this path may find the joy and peace he or she greatly desires.

By Kevin Mzungu

Hi, I’m Kevin Mzungu. An ambitious and determined entrepreneur. I seek to make lemonades out of every opportunity my environment throws at me to create a venture and help my community. Born in Eldoret and bred in Kericho Town, Kenya, life has taught me that only those who are willing to find solutions to problems around them instead of squabbling achieve their dreams and are the drivers of their economies. Through my blog, I hope to share my entrepreneurial knowledge, albeit small as it is and also grow in it through posts and other articles.

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