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Nights That Don’t Pass (poem)



It’s Almost Past Midnight Now ,And Sleep Isn’t Coming
The Day Is Over , everyone Is Gone And Am Left Dying All Alone
I Feel Unwanted Everywhere , Even Through My Mirror I Can See A Broken Person
Where Can I Go From Here And Find A Place That I Will Call Home
The Pace I Set Is Finishing Me Slowly Through The Pain
I Can’t Find Peace And Sleep At The Same Time
Memories Of My Failures Keep Repeating In My Brain
It’s Like A Cassette Being Played Again And Again
I Can Really See Myself Sinking ,Or Maybe Am Just Overthinking
Or maybe I Worry More ,I should Worry Less
Most Of My Life I Have Been Living Lifeless
Times Past Without Me Seeing Food On The Table
Everything Was A Scramble ,A Struggle For Survival
Putting Something For Digestion Was A Big Deal
Now This Bed Time ,When Am Just On My Own I Can’t Stop Looking Through The Past
Flooded Is My Head With Thoughts Of No Prosperity
I Cant See The Future Being Bright ,Because My Eyes Got To Much Dust
Tomorrow Comes to Me Like A Surprise
And Whatever I Do, I Do It With So Many Regrets
Am Living In A World Of Sorrow WithThis Generation Of Forcing Standards

@BlackInk Poet

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