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It’s around us, either with us or those close to us, but most people don’t have the right words to describe it because they lack information.

When the issue of mental health and the battle with various mental illnesses is brought up, people wonder what it’s all about. I like to look at it from a very simple perspective and say just the same way someone would have a stomach ache is the same way the brain can experience an illness, therefore the issue of mental health is not a ‘taboo’.

People need to be well-informed on the topic to curb stigma.

Those affected directly bear the burden of living in our society as they are mostly made to feel they don’t belong. I will share my 2 cents on this, how do we expect to come to the bottom of something if we keep dismissing it?

The major reason of dismissal is lack of knowledge & familiarity with it.

Safe spaces are a big challenge. We live in a society whereby not being okay is not okay and being okay is okay. We are used to projecting perfection while within us the story is totally different .

I once read a piece online that caught my attention. See below.

This shows the importance of taking care of our mental health and boldy having these conversations. The big question is, how safe are our safe spaces? Are people able to boldly seek help without fearing judgement or criticism? That’s a food for thought.

Our mental health plays a big role in our lives hence its our responsibility to prioritize it as well.

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