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Ripple Effect



Take a moment and think about a blank book. The only thing that would make it distinct would be if it’s filled with content. We are like blank pages coming into a world that’s ready to ink us with content in every page, given a chance. Our level of “okay” is measured by what’s inked to us and most people don’t have the energy to seek truth.

Majority settle, because we look east, we look west and the “okay” is practiced or accepted and we get comfortable with it. Sad part is, consequences emerge later, for its believed that what we sow is what we reap, then we get confused and start asking ourselves, “I thought it was okay? My choice, the patterns, it was okay.”

Confusion is breeding among-st us and we are at a point of embrace because we are stuck and what causes the confusion even more is that we don’t have bold individuals, majority, who can overshadow what’s already there and tamper with the patterns.

In addition, many are embracing because that’s what has been inked on them. The inking continues because majority are blank, they get inked and ink 10 20 more individuals. Then beliefs consume their minds, sooner or later actions emerge and begin to take effect. Consequence is sited somewhere at the corner just waiting to show up. The things we see around are created by the continuous ripple effect that resulted majorly from beliefs which produces actions.

Let’s challenge ourselves a bit. What if we put our selfish motives aside and seek the truth? Then after seeking the truth, ink it on ourselves. We all come across 100’s of individuals, ink the truth to them as well. Sooner or later, we have a different ripple effect. We will be creating an army of change seekers, change makers, and change implementer’s, oh wait let me rephrase that, positive change.

Ripple effect is at our disposal, but we use wrongly. We have to change how we use it if we desire to see more positive within our surrounding. By the time it gets to the entire world, that might take some great amount of time, how about we start where we are? A lot can change, if only we allow our way of thinking to change.

By Shantal Kisimba

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