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The Box of Tools Sanitizer challenge is a simple social Media competition whose mission is to spread the work of art that creative Kenyan musicians have, providing a platform for potential musicians to reach their biggest target audience not only in Kenya but worldwide.

How To Enroll

Are you a creative singer or rapper, Let’s see how good you can rhyme with the word “SANITIZER” record a short, clear video with your phone or digital camera of you rhyming with the word sanitizer. That’s just enough for the competition. But to get an added advantage, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Rhyme with the word Sanitizer in at least 8 lines.
  2. Avoid using copyrighted beats or instrumentals in the background. Feel free to use a free stock beat but the instrumentals will not be used to gauge the validity of your video, so do not hesitate singing or rapping without a beat. Alternatively, provide credits to the owner of the instrumental.
  3. At the end of your video, mention that you are participating in the Box of Tools Sanitizer challenge.
  4. Keep the quality of your audio in the video clean and free of glitches and loud background noise. Also, make sure your face is visible in the video.

Have you gone through the above checklist and confirmed that your video is good to go? Now follow the instructions below.


This competition is aimed to spread awareness towards the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore:

  • Videos performed in a crowd, showing a crowd, or encouraging crowd interaction in any means will be disqualified.
  • Follow the regulations provided by WHO and the Ministry of Health well while recording the video for a higher chance of getting the video approved. For your safety, follow these regulations even when not recording the video.

Fill in this form and upload your video.

You will be automatically enrolled as a contestant once we review and approve your video. A notification will be sent to you via email.