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The gym is for the elderly too



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The gym if for the elderly too

About three months ago my grandmother accompanied me to the gym,  interestingly all eyes were on her every person seems to have questions on why she had come. Well, I expected the stares to reduce with time but shock on us, the people in the gym kept eying on us probably waiting for my grandmother to start exercising. Well, my grandmother is about sixty years of age and we had just received news from her doctor not so long ago about a health issue which required her to do some stretching and light jogging. It’s weird how everyone ensured to be a distance away from us once we started doing some light stretching probably from the fear of watching my grandmother collapse any minute. 

Well after some stretches, the gym instructor approached us. After telling him about my grandmother’s health status, he narrated his story since he was young. By the time we got to meet him, he was 47 years old but looked like a 29-year-old. Well, he stressed the importance of having a daily routine to do some exercises as well as eating healthy from an early age and how beneficial it actually is, when one grows older. This made me reflect on my life as well, I barely exercised. Watching my grandmother having a hard time giving me more motivation to start working out and watching the type of meals I take in.

The elderly are not limited to working out. The main reason why we got the eyebrows and people whispering after our arrival was because the elderly are rarely seen in the gym environment. More people should be educated on cycling, ab work, and cycling regardless of their age. It goes without saying one needs to commit their exercising routine for the rest of their lives for good results. I now have more reasons for my new interest, I would want to remain healthy even after aging. For my grandmother, I thought of getting her some home equipment, join her in the exercise sessions. The gym instructor assured us everybody begins to get old the day they stop following a healthy routine. A family that gets sweaty together stays together.

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