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They gave me a path that i should walk in, little did they know i wasn’t tuned for that particular path.

A career choice is a long term investment. Key word, choice.

Decision making comes to mind. Let’s be honest, at this point of our lives, we rarely have a clue what to pick. Most of our choices result from external pressure which are majorly stereotypes.

It never really dawns on us that our entire future is dependant on the choice we make during this season.

When i think about the word career path, one word comes to mind, fulfillment. Are most people fulfilled in their choices?

I want us to juggle another word, passion. Are people linked to what they are passionate about? Initially we said its an investment. No one desires a loss during pursuit of a particular investment.

I truly believe the game needs to change, from structure to beliefs and norms when it comes to career.

How do you expect a mango tree to give you avocados and yet its a mango tree?

If you cultivate it as a mango tree and tend to it with the required conditions, it will give an amazing produce and i believe that’s the same with career choice.

It’s time we start investing in self realization for the young people so that when they are faced with the choice, it wont be so hard for them to navigate through.

What we don’t realize is self realization for a particular individual is a powerful tool for change in our society and the world as a whole. It will not only benefit the individual, but work put afterwards will come from a point of passion hence powerful and positive impact.

We need to start thinking outside the box and ask ourselves why are we offering the courses we do.

Is our future dependent on them?

The knowledge being pumped should be more of an asset than a liability.