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The Power of Intercommunication



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As a child, I was very few with words and to me interacting freely with was a big deal. I felt like I had to be very composed in Infront of people probably from the fear of being judged, making unnecessary comments or even approaching people who were not interested in interacting with me. As I grew older and progressed in my education I realized co-working with people and learning to maintain a positive interaction with the people around us is very essential. There is so much to learn from people we meet every day and most of the time we don’t realize how much we lose by keeping to ourselves from creating connections. It is after meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life that I have learned to take life positively, learn from the mistakes of others and give solutions to people experiencing a problem I might have gone through.

There are times when one feels so low and just by talking to a friend peace of mind is regained. There are times when parents advice their children on what to do in various situations and it ends up helping them for they were once young and view things from a clearer perspective. So many people have business ideas but fail to know how to go about it, but through interacting with people who have been in the same shoes before, solutions are found. Those are just a few mentions of how maintaining close connections with the people around us can help in our daily lives. I must say am quite impressed by how interacting with people has changed my life. I have learnt so much, things I never got a chance to learn in class.

We are privileged to be in a world where very many means of communicating have been developed. Today people make friends online, interact with people they look up to just by a click of a button. So much networking is happening and so many people getting help. People work online, some meet their spouses online, so many educative forums taking place. I feel  like there is magic in getting to know how your neighbor is doing, how they handle their situations and simply having a good time whenever it feels like you need to talk to someone