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I Chose To Be Bitten Twice . Yes ,I Might Be Strong But The Pain Is Enough. I Have Surrendered The Ego Now Am Back To Life. I Think I Have Missed You ,Especially Your Love. I Think I Need You The Most You’re My Side.  Let Me Cry  ,Wishing you Could See Me Even At A Glance. My Dreams For Us Are High Above The Mountains And Over The Oceans .

Receive My Worth less Effort Dear You. Hope You Cant Forget What Was Between Us Two. Sorry For The Heartbreaks And The Bitter Days That Love Do . Wish You Could Rewind Moments ,Though You Gave Me Few. Tell Me What A Lone Man Can Do With A Broken Heart. Nothing Is Going To Last So  I Thought The love Wasn’t Just For Lust . Remember What You Said And Promised , Let It Not Be Simple Words That You Lied.

I have been Thinking Of The Best Apology Still I  Can’t Figure Out How I Can Escape The Chronology. I Hate The Fact That You’re Colonising My Feelings Like You’re A Brit. Tried To Change My Behavior But It Seems  Like It’s Unseen . Am Sorry For Everything That Wasn’t Nice ,I Couldn’t Change It. Am Tired Of Loosing Status While You Know How I have Been . Am Almost Getting The Suicidal Thought Hoping  I Won’t Sin.

Last Thing Before My Ink Fades. I Devoted Everything For You Yet You Ignored And  Say We Can’t Even Be  Friends. I Have Been Shading  Tears For You And My Eyes Don’t Stop. I Came To Realize  You Didn’t Care  Even A Little Bit. I Wanted You To Know, I Have Tried To Move But I Can’t Make The First Step.

By Black Ink.

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