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We find ourselves into the world with blank pages. I would literally call us a blank book. We grow and develop from childhood to the point where “freedom” comes in and we are able to make our own choices. From the latter description, it sounds fun. Who does not want a taste of freedom or who does not like a taste of freedom?

We are never really prepared and that’s why I called each of us a blank book. Beliefs find their way on to us. Every page fills up creating several chapters. Amidst all this, our mindsets are shaped. We start getting defined by the choices we make which most of the time is reflected in our daily lives.

Sooner or later we realize it’s all part of the process. We are required to make choices every single day but the main question is what governs these choices? I would stress our belief system which eventually shapes our mindsets. Let me juggle your mind a little bit. Originally we were a blank book which later on gets filled and most definitely a story is created. This story is US, whom we project to the world, intertwined with our choices. Before we get to the story, we have beliefs that help us create our own chapters. These beliefs shape our mindsets, choices and in the long run, we have an open book that can be read.

Question is, what story do you want to be read when the pages of your book are flipped? Amidst the circumstances, situations, events or our surroundings, we are accountable for what goes into the blank pages in terms of our thoughts, feelings, and behavior (which are influenced by our beliefs and mindsets; and these directly impact our choices). We have the power and authority to edit every chapter if need be.

It’s always believed that freedom comes with responsibility and we can exercise the free will that we have to take charge of our books in line with every aspect mentioned above with one major thing at the back our minds: growth. Will we own the chapters or we let circumstances, situations, events or surroundings own them? Food for thought to ponder over.

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