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A choice is like a step you make one, it leads you to a particular direction
You decide, it comes with consequences



Over time we have had of the phrase “no man is an island,” just wondering what would drive someone to desire to be one? (Food for thought).
The human race lives in such a way that every day we encounter various human interactions. With the difference in personality types, connections will definitely differ. This moment of first interaction I would compare it to the moment an egg hatches. It’s the first interaction of the chick with a new world/different environment.

It’s always exciting and comes with a certain thrill.

On the line, it’s always our emotional and mental health. Mostly we get carried away by the thrill without asking ourselves what the interaction would have on the above 2 aspects. It’s a two-sided version. Usually gets hard to tell in the first instances. Then as you get to know the person or people, you discover parts of them that you didn’t know. The ball still bounces back to us.

Is it worth an investment?
Whose responsible for you?

I want us to navigate through 2 areas, mental health, and emotional health. Our interactions have a direct impact on the above. Everybody desires to build healthy connections but mostly its never the case. Isolation breeds in the long run but then again you realize no man is an island. What should be one’s limits? How far is too much when one needs to take certain steps backward and realize it’s doing more harm to them than good? It just doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, but the simple daily interactions we come across.

We now do realize the choice we end up making determines our well being as a person.

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Narrowing it down to boundaries, healthy boundaries to be precise. Our functionality also depends a lot on how our interactions are. It’s not much of pushing you to a certain side, but enlightening you to the fact that a choice is like a step, you make one, it leads you to a particular direction, you decide it comes with consequences.

You will meet people every day, but remember your task by putting you into consideration.

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