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Wrong Generation



I Remember When We Were Young, Covered With Smiles And Laughter
Days When We Weren’t Afraid Of Bills
I Remember When We Were Young, When Our Best Chilling Points Were Churches,
I Don’t Know What Happened After
Days Are Moving Really Speedy,
When We All Wish We Could Never Age
Days When We Sat And Waited For Food Are Over
Our Hands Must Get Dirty, For Us To Feed
I Remember Moments At The River Side
Young And Happy We Had No Regrets
Trying To Cope up With Time But Time Got Bigger Steps
I Can Remember My Childhood Was Awesome
We Both Caught Up In This Mission That Got Many People Dying Young
Nowadays We See Nothing Good We’re Becoming Troublesome
Time Moves Fast But I Don’t Know How A Day Takes Long
The Clock Is Moving Anticlockwise For us
A Generation Of Blocking And Muting Like We’re Cursed
I Remember We Used To Eat From Any House
Food Wasn’t Scarce And People Were Generous
Everyone To Me Was Friendly And Familiar
These Days I Don’t See Them Near, Like Am A Killer

 @Blackink Poet
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