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Before My Heart Stops



Before My Heart Stops
Before Everything Comes To Halt
After Then Everything Will Be Spoiled
Before My Time Ends, And My Whole Heart Bleed
Before Everything Is Poured Down On The Ground
I Know I will Still Be Broke And Broken, And Sad
When They See My Heart, Cruised And Bruised
After Then They’ll Treat Me Right
When They See The Scars I’ve Nursed,
I Pray That They’ll Feel The Pain On Their Chest
I See Time Elapsing and I Don’t Want To Be Late
I See Everyday As Another Chance To Correct My Mistake
Trying To Put Everything I Fear In The Bucket
But Before Then, I Should Accept The Lessons
Learn Everyday To Cope-Up With Every Season
Learning To Let Go What Put Me In Prison
The Hate And The Ego, Aborted Like A Mission
And Before My Heart Stops, Everything Will Have Gone To Substitution

@BlackInk Poet

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