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Odd Life – Poetry



oddlife - Kenyan Poetry
oddlife - Kenyan Poetry

If You Could Go Away From All These Thoughts
Being Alone Not Having Any Fights
Maybe Go Somewhere Away From The Sleepless Nights
Am Getting To  Fear What Will Happen Next
I have So Many Questions For The Future
These Bad Times Have Dwelled On All My Sunsets
Am Trying To Figure Out But I See No Picture
Am Suffering From My Memories And Imagination
I Don’t Have Hope For This Mission
Sincerely I Can’t Get Out Of This Condition
Perhaps Am Dead, kindly Take Me To The Mortuary
Been Carrying Problems Worth A Century
All My Blessings Are Non-Existing Maybe They’re In The Cemetery
All I Got Is God Putting Me Smiles And Glory 
To My Friends Who Died Young In The Fight,
You’re still Soldiers Living In The Caskets
I Wish I Would Rewind Everything, But This Ain’t A Casket
I Cry Everyday, Because Only Tears Can Save My Pain
I Pray That Your Souls Put Into Rest, Amen.

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