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Beating my expiration date.



What if I told you that the doctor gave me four months to live, unbeknownst to my friends, my fiance walked away one week ago and all I wished was to spend the rest of my life with her, ironical how the rest of my life would be four months. I went for a full-body checkup after experiencing a migraine and what would come unfolding was news I had never imagined. I didn’t want my mom to know too I thought it was too soon, but who else did I have apart from stage four cervical cancer. I want to have the best last days of my life. You see I was too busy living life in the big city, all I thought about was money because I heard they said ’ if you think money doesn’t give happiness then you’ve not had enough money yet’,.Isnt that every young man’s dream? go to the big city beat all odds, buy a car by twenty-four, marry by twenty-eight and by thirty build your mum a house so that by the time your kids get to a certain age you’ll take them back “shaggz” to say hi to their grandmother, buy your dad a scotch every time you go for Christmas, get a thoughtful wife who is going to remember to shop enough shopping for your aunties and cousins who didn’t get very lucky.

Well now as I cruise through the slopes of Nyeri, I’m thinking about how selfish it’d be if my mom didn’t know that her only child who she brought up leaving nothing to herself has four months left, and again I’m still thinking of how to get out of the same Labyrinth I told you about the other day, my latest google searches are ‘how to end it all painlessly’, ’most dangerous cliff dives in Kenya ‘ et cetera and at the moment I was doing the math about inertia, momentum, if ill be the executioner I want to do a clean job. But what now if I die? What if the doctors were wrong?What if I’d beat cancer? And so I place my bet with God and the odds are pretty low, but what more did I have to lose anyway?
Myriads of thoughts run through my head, disappearing without a trace, nobody to carry on my lineage, would you even remember me ?.So in my mind, I have an expiration date and that’s 15th September 2020, just like a packet of milk, except funny enough milk, has long life .and I’m talking to God, and we are bargaining for five more years just like a politician and I even write down a manifesto. I’m praying for one more political term and just like Hannah, I need a son or a daughter, and that comes with a wife right?
So my petition to God a conversation, Hey God? I’ll get straight to the point today, I have been diagnosed with a very strange disease that even I don’t comprehend, but didn’t they say you were omniscient? And also omnipotent too? and yeah one day I want to come to heaven but I just don’t wanna die this soon, I don’t know about you God but I feel like my work here is not done, so I’m going to place this bet today, I want my faith to beat science, just five more God in exchange for my life to you.i’ll attend youth meetings in church God, I’ll even buy a bible God, I’ll learn to be more forgiving and understanding God, whatever it takes! RSVP.So are you waiting for your expiration date to start doing good?

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