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They even ruined Valentine’s



They even ruined Valentine’s

It happens to be a day like no other, you see they told me your best relationship will one day end up to be your worst heartbreak! I mean think about it if she doesn’t go maybe you’ll do and if you vowed this very powerful words at the altar till death do us part then let me school you new vows in the market  “for richer for richer and till your mysterious death in a septic tank do us part! as I take a very big part of your wealth”, so aren’t we supposed to love, don’t we deserve that? .The main reason I hear prophets saying that this is the end times is because of what’s going on in society and maybe they are justified to say that, I have not lived long but the longer I’ve lived leaves me thinking what if I’ve seen nothing?

Roses are red, they just wanna put you to bed, did you read about ‘You made your bed’? , and so you must lie on it, with him, the old man the age of your father, maybe who is my uncle or my father and you call this love. I get it okay? You all want love, and how could he save you and you didn’t even wanna be saved, Roseanne? after everything he did for you how you repaid him were the words ‘I didn’t ask you to do all that for me’.So roses are red right? I wonder when was the last time you had your periods, and for a period I wanted to trust you, but roses have thorns too, and if you love flowers and warm bathroom showers in towers, enjoy your Valentine’s getaway, and you never even posted him, all I saw were bottles of champagne, two glasses, two plates, a cigar, and some ashtray.

You know what? I’m not even angry, growing up you had no father figure and your mum was always away hustling for you guys. Growing up dad was a wreck mum was always there for me and so I treated you how mum wasn’t treated and for a moment I got the meaning of love twisted. I lost touch with mother and to all times I ignored her calls just to take care of your needs. How she told me to go home things weren’t okay and I still chose to stay with you, told her that we had a CAT.

Now, mum is gone, you are also gone  Roseanne, gone with your father figure of a man and I’m left here reminiscing looking at my baby pictures how mum held me so tight, every birthday, every thanksgiving mum! .I’m sorry I broke your heart mom. I am a big man now mother, in fact, a writer now and every piece I write brings me some kind of peace. How stupid was I mom I guess I was too derailed? This girls mother, Daddy was lucky to ever find you, mum, I just hope someday ill find a woman like you mom and well name our daughter Muthoni, here is to the flowers I never sent you mum, Happy Valentines, but I too don’t understand love mom, all I know is your love was the only true love I ever had and if you don’t understand love, I too don’t .so what is love? Happy valentines!

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