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Foreign nationals & 11 Kenyans die in Tanzania road crush



Tanzanian officials have now confirmed 25 people dead among them seven foreign nationals and eleven Kenyans in an accident in the Kibaoni area along the Arusha-Namanga Highway. The accident occurred when a Kenyan-registered lorry hit three other vehicles, including one that was carrying foreign nationals volunteering at a school.

An official statement from the Office of the President in Tanzania confirmed ten men, 14 women and a girl were killed in the incident. Authorities in Tanzania are now on a manhunt of the driver of the lorry registered to KAY Construction Company in Nairobi, registration number KAC 943 H, who is said to have fled after his vehicle’s brakes system failed crushing into the another truck and two other vehicles.

At least 21 people, also from different countries, were injured in the accident. The dead included an American, a South African and other nationals from Togo, Madagascar and Burkina Faso. The injured were people from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Switzerland, Britain and Mali, the statement added.

President Samia Hassan has sent her condolences to the families of the deceased and called for motorists to adhere to road safety regulations.

Report by the BBC.