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TOUGH TIMES – The COVID-19 Situation



Let’s give them a name, i would prefer an “all of a sudden.” No one is watching, no one is expecting. Things just change unexpectedly. That’s what the Covid-19 situation has brought unto us.

It came unannounced, altered our operation system, something we never thought was possible because our mind frame was used to a particular way of life. What strikes most is that it hit our country at the beginning of the year, the first quarter, 3rd month on the 12th.

This is a period where fresh goals had been defined. Dream chasing was starting to pick up and future plans where under way, then Boom! It striked.

Most people are at a stand still, battling between surviving now and the fear of tomorrow. There’s also the pressure that comes with it, keeping safe and as one does so, they only ask themselves, when shall all these come to pass?

Putting our faith forth, prayer is all we have. Playing our part to stay safe and allowing the creator of the universe to set us free as we continue to believe. We pray for peace in our hearts so that this period does not overwhelm us.

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If we look closely, its not only the pandemic we are dealing with. From worrying, to fear of our safety and loved ones, to food supply and daily up keep, to what next, we could summarize the COVID-19 Situation as chaotic.

Non the less, our prayers keep us strong. They remind us He’s with us and all these shall come to pass.

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