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Do you know who you are? What will be your Legacy?



How many of you have been told you are getting too emotional or you are too emotionally involved with a situation? How many of you have been told you need to, “ Let it Slide,” “Let it go,” “ Get past It,” “ Get over it “?. How much of your emotional situation or your involvement is affected by your attitude or belief surrounding your need to be in control,?

Do you have a tendency to create drama or chaos in your life as a way to stay in control and self-regulate. Do you have a difficult time trusting people? Are you a perfectionist and have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.? Are you holding on to the illusion of needing to create a bit of chaos to tell your story of ” How you do you” ? Do you change what is taking place in the present moment to redirect a conversation that fits your needs and wants ?

We all need to be “ Awake “ and strengthen our ability to be in the present moment and self -regulate ourselves in our daily lives. Most importantly we need to attend to our everyday situations and how we react to what is handed to us and learn to deal with it. By being in the present moment and interacting and reacting with other people in the present moment, we provide a deeper awareness of our place in this world and reduce the amount of “Drama” in our lives.

Eckhart Tolle, stated it well, “When you are ” NOT “ honoring the present moment by allowing it to be, ” YOU “ are creating drama.” You can and should aspire to be a constant and ” Present Moment Actualizer “, and be awake and consciously alert to where you are at any given moment. Are you creating the drama in your life by not being present? Are you looking to get noticed or have a need for excitement around yourself and aren’t even aware what you are doing ?.

We can minimize the drama within ourselves. We can also become more attentive, calm, present and focused;with the world around us and in our daily life. By detaching from the negativity, and the noise that dances around inside our heads, we can be better equipped to embrace life and reduce negativity entirely. We can set ourselves free and not be anchored to any emotional issue by pushing positive energy and receiving positive favorable situations and bring positive people to our lives.